Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Workout Motivation.... Perhaps?

Sure, I used to work out a lot. And when I say a lot... I mean A LOT. Sometimes twice a day! Yep. Call me crazy, I feel like I was.  Anyway this isn't about me, it's about these fine ladies and gentlemen that also go all crazy in the gym.

Meet Sammy.  An NPC Physique competitor who is sponsored by Warrior Fuel.

On this fine day I was also blessed to take beautiful photos of the extremely kind and driven Jessica.

The shoot was wonderful and was put together by Heather Giatras and photos were taken at the The Gym at Farmington Station (really, quite a fun gym and very clean!).

Stay tuned, I also shot some very stunning bikini competitors for their first time (well, mine too I suppose) the day prior to their first ever competition. 

PS- I'm working on becoming more consistent with content now that my little angel boy is more workable... it only took 7 months!

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