Thursday, June 12, 2014

Then & Now

It's so interesting and fun to go back through old photos.  Not just from when you were younger, you know, the ones others took of you.  As a photographer, it's fun to look back to the past and see how much you've improved.  Take a peek.  I began shooting photos back in July of 2013 and it's been pretty close to a year...

Holy moly! I know... those eyes! (and obviously this is a sexier shoot) I did manage to get some pretty decent skin tone for not knowing anything about lighting, ISO, f stop... all that jazz.   This was shot in my baby sister's apartment with both our dogs lying on the floor and neighbors probably trying to take a peek. That is, until we closed the blinds. 

And this was shot back right before my son was born (around October) but edited just last week.  Notice her eyes? Not quite as crazy.  You gotta find balance in editing! I am still proud of the lighting and framing though.  All good things happen when we have a little patience. And with a little practice. 

Stay tuned! I'll be editing some shots of my husband and doing another Now & Then.

Until then, stay inspired! 

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