Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby Kisses

If you don't have a kid then you won't understand. Or maybe you have a favorite niece or nephew that you were lucky enough to be around while they were babies.   But you HAVE to kiss babies.  Especially fat ones. And especially when they're yours.  So I guess that means you DOUBLEY have to if YOUR baby is fat AND... yours.  Duh.

BTW, I know it's taboo or not cool to do two posts in one day, but lets toss out that dumb algorithms and rules to being popular. Lets throw out being popular all together.  Ya damn narcissists.  ;)

Anyway, I am sure many of you or all of you (because I highly doubt I have a TON of viewers on my blog) have seen those photos of little cute babies smiling with tons of kisses all over them and such so I wanted to do one with my sweet baby jonathan.  And that little tooth... all the better.

Get your womb ready, ladies.

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