Sunday, January 25, 2015

Handmade Wreaths

So, since I haven't been able to do much around here (and how could anyone blame me with a toddler and keeping the house relatively clean WHILE helping Jonathan "discover" the world by making MORE messes) I have decided to make wreaths on the side.

I know there are a lot of women out there that do the same thing! Have you seen etsy? It's amazing.  Sooooo many things on that site, I get overwhelmed looking at it.  Because there's TOO much.  But I took a liking to making wreaths and it's a temporary outlet until I have more time to work on photos.  Which I also do part time.  Oh how does anyone decide they want to stick to something forever? I have no idea.  (Because training is out of the to-do now, photography proved to be too stressful for the time being.)  But fake flowers? Well those things are FOREVER.  So they can wait.  And wait.... and wait... Until one evening when I'm not so tired of repeatedly washing hands, changing diapers and chasing Jonathan down the sidewalk.  All those things actually happen.

Back to wreaths.  I do it because flowers are quite pretty.  Quite amazing and when paired with the right ribbon, make your front door look utterly inviting.

At this moment I'm inviting you to check out my etsy shop and I've included below, the two (I'm working on more) wreaths I have currently up for sale.  They're gorgeous. And I'm having a hard time keeping them up for sale and not just hanging that gorgeous blue and houndstooth grapevine wreath onto my door. I mean, it's perfect for spring.  And you probably don't know, but I am really digging houndstooth pattern right now.  So here they are.  And the link again!

Feast your eyes on these quality babes: