Sunday, January 25, 2015

Handmade Wreaths

So, since I haven't been able to do much around here (and how could anyone blame me with a toddler and keeping the house relatively clean WHILE helping Jonathan "discover" the world by making MORE messes) I have decided to make wreaths on the side.

I know there are a lot of women out there that do the same thing! Have you seen etsy? It's amazing.  Sooooo many things on that site, I get overwhelmed looking at it.  Because there's TOO much.  But I took a liking to making wreaths and it's a temporary outlet until I have more time to work on photos.  Which I also do part time.  Oh how does anyone decide they want to stick to something forever? I have no idea.  (Because training is out of the to-do now, photography proved to be too stressful for the time being.)  But fake flowers? Well those things are FOREVER.  So they can wait.  And wait.... and wait... Until one evening when I'm not so tired of repeatedly washing hands, changing diapers and chasing Jonathan down the sidewalk.  All those things actually happen.

Back to wreaths.  I do it because flowers are quite pretty.  Quite amazing and when paired with the right ribbon, make your front door look utterly inviting.

At this moment I'm inviting you to check out my etsy shop and I've included below, the two (I'm working on more) wreaths I have currently up for sale.  They're gorgeous. And I'm having a hard time keeping them up for sale and not just hanging that gorgeous blue and houndstooth grapevine wreath onto my door. I mean, it's perfect for spring.  And you probably don't know, but I am really digging houndstooth pattern right now.  So here they are.  And the link again!

Feast your eyes on these quality babes:

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Favorite

These photos were shot quite awhile back. I remember we had to quickly shoot because my baby boy was going to get up (he only takes 30 minute naps).

This is Beatriz, she's gorgeous, fun and LOVES fitness.  A natural in front of the camera.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Family Photos

First time ever! Normally I shoot beauty photography and the like.  I've never imagined myself doing too much family photography, but with this cute little family, I was more than happy to! I call them my extended family- and I love them as such.

Heidi and I met a year ago (TODAY!) as she was curious about my group training.  Well, a year and a baby later, here they were standing in front of my wee little camera.  All stunning and happy.  Do enjoy.

Brewskies... It continues

Go back a few blog posts and you'll see the beginning.  What beginning?  The beginning of these marvelous photos of my husband.  Don't worry, this series will end with something not quite as odd.  But do enjoy.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Being a mother is far more gratifying than this ugly world will try to convince you of. As a mom, you work harder than in any job, you care deeper, love stronger and even hurt more... But every second of it is worth it.

My son may only be eight months old but he has shown me more to this life than anything else ever could. No person can tell you. No story can tell you. Only as you're rocking your little adventurer to sleep do you understand what a woman's purpose in life is. Maybe not all women. But mine for sure.

Make no mistake. I wasn't that excited when I got pregnant. It even caused a slight complication at the birth (that was at home). But he made it here and he has made my life worth living. No other job IN THE WORLD means as much as a mother.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby Kisses

If you don't have a kid then you won't understand. Or maybe you have a favorite niece or nephew that you were lucky enough to be around while they were babies.   But you HAVE to kiss babies.  Especially fat ones. And especially when they're yours.  So I guess that means you DOUBLEY have to if YOUR baby is fat AND... yours.  Duh.

BTW, I know it's taboo or not cool to do two posts in one day, but lets toss out that dumb algorithms and rules to being popular. Lets throw out being popular all together.  Ya damn narcissists.  ;)

Anyway, I am sure many of you or all of you (because I highly doubt I have a TON of viewers on my blog) have seen those photos of little cute babies smiling with tons of kisses all over them and such so I wanted to do one with my sweet baby jonathan.  And that little tooth... all the better.

Get your womb ready, ladies.

Late Night Brewskies

What do you do when your whole life revolves around a child?  Well... obviously you care for it and wipe it's bum and feed it... but what about when the sweet angel of yours heads off to bed, leaving you sitting there with nothing to do but drink out of your amazing mustache beer mugs?

Well.... my husband decided to shave his beard into something awkward and hideous that he could actually make look pretty handsome.  I'm talking about the "cop" facial hair.

Please, feast your eyes upon this handsome fella.  Handcuffs not included. (Just kidding, he doesn't even have any in these photos)

Folks, this is only the beginning.  I am sure you're just as excited as I am.  Maybe I can make it a series... and at the end? A grand finale of what my husband actually looks like. 

As always, stay classy internet. 
Until we meet again.