Monday, June 30, 2014


Being a mother is far more gratifying than this ugly world will try to convince you of. As a mom, you work harder than in any job, you care deeper, love stronger and even hurt more... But every second of it is worth it.

My son may only be eight months old but he has shown me more to this life than anything else ever could. No person can tell you. No story can tell you. Only as you're rocking your little adventurer to sleep do you understand what a woman's purpose in life is. Maybe not all women. But mine for sure.

Make no mistake. I wasn't that excited when I got pregnant. It even caused a slight complication at the birth (that was at home). But he made it here and he has made my life worth living. No other job IN THE WORLD means as much as a mother.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby Kisses

If you don't have a kid then you won't understand. Or maybe you have a favorite niece or nephew that you were lucky enough to be around while they were babies.   But you HAVE to kiss babies.  Especially fat ones. And especially when they're yours.  So I guess that means you DOUBLEY have to if YOUR baby is fat AND... yours.  Duh.

BTW, I know it's taboo or not cool to do two posts in one day, but lets toss out that dumb algorithms and rules to being popular. Lets throw out being popular all together.  Ya damn narcissists.  ;)

Anyway, I am sure many of you or all of you (because I highly doubt I have a TON of viewers on my blog) have seen those photos of little cute babies smiling with tons of kisses all over them and such so I wanted to do one with my sweet baby jonathan.  And that little tooth... all the better.

Get your womb ready, ladies.

Late Night Brewskies

What do you do when your whole life revolves around a child?  Well... obviously you care for it and wipe it's bum and feed it... but what about when the sweet angel of yours heads off to bed, leaving you sitting there with nothing to do but drink out of your amazing mustache beer mugs?

Well.... my husband decided to shave his beard into something awkward and hideous that he could actually make look pretty handsome.  I'm talking about the "cop" facial hair.

Please, feast your eyes upon this handsome fella.  Handcuffs not included. (Just kidding, he doesn't even have any in these photos)

Folks, this is only the beginning.  I am sure you're just as excited as I am.  Maybe I can make it a series... and at the end? A grand finale of what my husband actually looks like. 

As always, stay classy internet. 
Until we meet again.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day

Before I jump right into the fantastic day called Father's Day I want to lay a little thick Motherly wisdom/knowledge/love on you.  So get ready.

My son, Jonathan, was born at the end of October 2013... 9 days past my "due date".  From the very beginning we faced challenges (beyond the initial transition to motherhood).  He cried almost nonstop the entire first week due to hunger from a tongue and lip tie that had to be layered off on day 7 of his life.  He had colic.  He had eczema.  He had reflux.  My husband and I... we had no help.  Sure our mothers and families live close... but for some reason we didn't have many people coming over to assist in this MOTHER OF ALL LIFE CHANGES....  It was rough.  We were up every hour each night.  One night, Jonathan cried for literally 7 hours straight.  We didn't know about swaddling (if you're expecting... learn how).

And lately, as I rock my sweet angel baby to sleep at night, I cry.  Tears of joy.  Tears of longing... He is the most amazing thing to happen to me.  In my whole life. There is nothing that can surpass the love a mom has for a child.  But until you have one of your own... you truly will not understand. But I pray that you know of this love in your life.  It is absolutely bitter sweet and I wish so much that I could freeze time.  That I could even go back.  Although we have so much more to look forward to, I simply wish to savor moments like these more often.

I wish I had ignored my phone. Ignored that ridiculous urge to workout incessantly, to log off of my computer and care less about being busy with what I used to do.  Throw who you used to be out the window.  There's a whole new, better, stronger, more patient you waiting to come to life when you have a child.  To you new moms I have some advice (and feel free to throw it out the window... because we all have to learn our own way). 

  • Ask for help; tell your mom or mother in law to stay a week or two.
  • Tell your baby's father he is taking 2+ weeks off of work.
  • Ignore what you may find dirty in your house.
  • Snuggle that newborn. 
  • Be ok with sitting.
  • Trust in your new calling there is no calling more important than being a mother.
  • If you feel depressed (many do) don't be ashamed. Get help ASAP.
  • Those long nights disappear, be patient.
  • Shower that baby with love, but get breaks when you need them (and you will).

Ok, that's that. Lets move on to the actual reason for this post. 

I made a little something for my sweet husband. He's a great father and since our son is basically his twin, I wanted to do something that would touch the big heart of my big man.  Please, do enjoy this lovely fun Jonathan and I had. 


I can't wait to see the look on my husband's face when he opens these up :) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Then & Now

It's so interesting and fun to go back through old photos.  Not just from when you were younger, you know, the ones others took of you.  As a photographer, it's fun to look back to the past and see how much you've improved.  Take a peek.  I began shooting photos back in July of 2013 and it's been pretty close to a year...

Holy moly! I know... those eyes! (and obviously this is a sexier shoot) I did manage to get some pretty decent skin tone for not knowing anything about lighting, ISO, f stop... all that jazz.   This was shot in my baby sister's apartment with both our dogs lying on the floor and neighbors probably trying to take a peek. That is, until we closed the blinds. 

And this was shot back right before my son was born (around October) but edited just last week.  Notice her eyes? Not quite as crazy.  You gotta find balance in editing! I am still proud of the lighting and framing though.  All good things happen when we have a little patience. And with a little practice. 

Stay tuned! I'll be editing some shots of my husband and doing another Now & Then.

Until then, stay inspired! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Once in awhile, if I haven't done a new shoot, I go back through other past photoshoots and find something I love. Something... I may have missed.

Here is one of the wonderful Lacey, an aerialist located in Ogden, UT.  Quite stunning, isn't she? Theres a post a few months back with more of her... do wander around a bit.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Workout Motivation.... Perhaps?

Sure, I used to work out a lot. And when I say a lot... I mean A LOT. Sometimes twice a day! Yep. Call me crazy, I feel like I was.  Anyway this isn't about me, it's about these fine ladies and gentlemen that also go all crazy in the gym.

Meet Sammy.  An NPC Physique competitor who is sponsored by Warrior Fuel.

On this fine day I was also blessed to take beautiful photos of the extremely kind and driven Jessica.

The shoot was wonderful and was put together by Heather Giatras and photos were taken at the The Gym at Farmington Station (really, quite a fun gym and very clean!).

Stay tuned, I also shot some very stunning bikini competitors for their first time (well, mine too I suppose) the day prior to their first ever competition. 

PS- I'm working on becoming more consistent with content now that my little angel boy is more workable... it only took 7 months!