Thursday, June 19, 2014

Late Night Brewskies

What do you do when your whole life revolves around a child?  Well... obviously you care for it and wipe it's bum and feed it... but what about when the sweet angel of yours heads off to bed, leaving you sitting there with nothing to do but drink out of your amazing mustache beer mugs?

Well.... my husband decided to shave his beard into something awkward and hideous that he could actually make look pretty handsome.  I'm talking about the "cop" facial hair.

Please, feast your eyes upon this handsome fella.  Handcuffs not included. (Just kidding, he doesn't even have any in these photos)

Folks, this is only the beginning.  I am sure you're just as excited as I am.  Maybe I can make it a series... and at the end? A grand finale of what my husband actually looks like. 

As always, stay classy internet. 
Until we meet again.

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